Timelapse Page Added

I mentioned yesterday that Mike Ulatowski, my brother Eric, and myself were out playing with a few DSLR cameras (Canon T2i, 5D Mark II, 1D Mark IV) and a ton of lenses. I have started a timelapse page which includes the three timelapses i did yesterday, as well as my first ever timelpase  i did while  in Athens, Greece. I will also be including some of the timelapses Mike Ulatowski has done over the past few months as soon as he sends them on over. In Other News Read the rest of Timelapse Page Added »

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Video is up

So i spent some time yesterday uploading video. Its pretty much all up. I have a few i still have to add, but i will get to those tomorrow. Today Mike Ulatowski, and my brother Eric took the day and spent some time with a few different DSLRS. We use the Canon T2i, Canon 5D Mark II, and the Canon 1D Mark IV. We used a ton of lenses (including the infamous Tilt Shift lense, and 14mm Ultra Wide angle). We took photos, video, and some timelapse. I will post some of the timelapses tomorrow, on a new page dedicated to timelapse.

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Video is coming….

Got some more stuff working on the site. Currently working on getting the featured content gallery plug in to work in this template. So please stand by.

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Hacked, Lost, went to Athens.

So around the beginning of April, my web server was hacked and a bunch of bad stuff went on with the site. So in turn i lost everything. Then i went to Athens, Greece for a job, which was great. Had a lot of fun with friends and got some great photos and video. Iused a Canon 5D Mark 2 for a few days and had a really great time with it. I’ll be posting stuff as i go to show off some of the sites, and lenses i used. I will also be rebuilding the site and adding my content back over the next few weeks. So check back. To get updates you can also follow us on twitter.

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Have to start over

Restarting everything. Sit tight.

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