First Matte Painting

Recently over at Video, Andrew Kramer put up a still from something he’s working on and proposed a challenge;  create a matte painting for the background. The rules were simple, replace everything above the horizon line with something in the same vein as the movie Prometheus. I have never done a matte painting before and decided to take a crack at it. I forced myself to use Photoshop exclusively to create the matte painting seeing as it was a still frame and i don’t use Photoshop as much as i should. What i learned?  I don’t know Photoshop nearly as well as i thought, and how much easier it would have been in After Effects. But i pushed on and came up with this. I’m happy with it. I wish i had more time (been doing it in the few hours i had when i came home this week), but i did learn a lot about Photoshop i didn’t know and will look forward to trying this in the future with some personal projects. Below you’ll find the original and the final. Hope you guys like it. Gotta run apparently my dog just peed on my bed.




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