Been a while, But Been Busy

So i haven’t posted since December. A lot has gone on since then, let me bring you up to speed. Chef Roble´& Co. did really well. Thanks to all that watched. There is a good chance we might see another season. In January I was in Las Vegas for CES with MTV Geek. I Got to play with the New Canon C300, which is a serious machine. it takes what is great about DSLR’s and pro end video cameras and rolls them into one.  February i was working with my friends at a corporate gig, and ended up in Banff, Canada. Truly a gorgeous place. Came back got Strep throat and since then I’ve been working on a few teasers for new shows that will will hopefully get picked up soon. I can’t say yet what they are or who’s interested, but i’m psyched to see one if not all of them get picked up.

While in Vegas, i had a few opportunities to grab some time lapses. only one came out good enough that i decided to keep it. I also decided it would be a good time to work on a 70’s film look in AE. You can view the timelapsehere or on the timelapse page. You can Download the AE preset here That 70’s Look.ffx

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