Chef Roble´ & Co. Now Playing on Bravo

Happy Holiday’s! See that guy to the left? That’s Chef Roble´. He’s one of the best, most creative chefs in NYC and he’s got a new show on Bravo “Chef Roble´& Co”. It’s a great show about a Chef who starts his own catering business. It’s pretty crazy. They cater celebrity parties, small parties, a crazy medevil party  and even sex toy party. It’s a lot of fun and the food is off the hook. I wish he would cater the edit. It airs on Bravo at 10pm on Sunday nights. if you get a chance tune in. Right after that I was working on the finishing touches on a pilot for Animal Planet. I can’t say what is yet, but it is a really great show with incredibly moving story lines. Hopefully it will get picked up and you’ll get to see it. In other news we also finally did the first run with the set we built. I’m really excited to share it but its still needs some work. But so far so good. It works just like we planned. As soon as i have something to share i will post it on here. The avid tutorial is still coming. I got booked the week after thanksgiving and it hasn’t stopped. I did start writing it though and am looking forward to sharing that also.

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