History Channel, Props, Tutorials and Timelapse.

Got a bunch of stuff to update. First off thanks to everyone at Red Marble Media for having me down to help with the online for the upcoming History Channel special “How The Earth Made Man”.  I had a good time working with Kevin, Steven, and Frank. I also got to finally nail down a workflow for Canon DSLR footage and the Avid (With a lot of help from Steven Dost). I’ll be posting a  tutorial on the site shortly as well as another tutorial about creating QuickTime movies with multiple tracks with split tracks of audio (oh yeah, its possible).  The special is due to air sometime in January or February, I’ll keep you posted when i have more info.

As said earlier I’ll be posting a tutorial about DSLR workflow for a Canon 7D and Avid Media Composer. I’m currently putting it together and going over it to make sure its accurate and easy to follow should be up in the next two days.

In my free time I’ve been working with building electrical circuits and playing with my new intervalometer and my Canon Power shot G10. The electrical work is to work on building some of the practical effects for an upcoming short. I’m very excited to work with practical effects then enhance them in after effects. I cant wait to see the out come when those worlds meet.

Lastly i mentioned i have been playing with my new intervalometer and my Canon Powershot G10. You can head over to the timelapse page and check out what i have been coming up with. It’s pretty awesome the G10 has almost all the features a DSLR has, so its nice to be able to capture some great looking images with it. If you like the timelapses you see with the powershot you can purchase the intervalometer here, It’s by a company called Aperture and it supports a lot of cameras (DSLR’s included) that don’t support the normal intervalometer port found on the Canon 5D, 7D, Etc. Its also nice to have a device like this for night time photography. It allows you to lock down the camera and capture some great images by leaving the shutter open longer and not having to touch the camera. It I’m going to invest in a new tripod soon that will allow me a little more versatility in camera placement. My current tripod isn’t great for really low angle shots and to be honest the plate doesnt really fit my powershot or any other still frame camera for that matter.

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