Philadelphia, New York, San Diego Comic-Con

My six months with Nancy Glass Productions in Philadelphia and I’ll be moving on to the next gig. The show i worked on is called “Tanked” and will premier on Animal Planet August 19th, at 9:00pm. Thanks to everyone at Nancy Glass Productions that made me feel welcome and appreciated. Tomorrow I’ll be back to the mass transit commute  heading to NY to work with some good friends that I’ve missed the last six months. Then Wednesday Me and some of the other Fallout Studios Crew will be heading out to San Diego Comic-Con. The photo attached was from the Walking Dead booth last year. looking forward to hearing DC comics talk about the reboot, catch some Amazing Spiderman Footage, and also catch up with some new and sold friends.  Follow the Fallout Studios twitter to find out where we’ll be and stop by and say hi.

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